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Article Review : The British effort of safeguarding the land records of Palestine 1948

By Khairul Izzuan Bin Ahmad

The author of this article is Dov Gavish from Hebrew university of Jerusalem. This article view about action that have been taken by Britain for safe the important record and archival material in Palestine 1948.

In the introduction of this article author has describe the history about the Palestine. Palestine in historical event has been rules by territory of Ottoman empire, Britain, Egypt, and also Palestine government itself in Gaza and Jericho. In 1928 Britain has been as ruler of Palestine until 1948 before their give some land of Palestine to Israel to make a country. By that, author also said before Britain leave the Palestine, they must arrange their document of administration of Palestine as good as possible, especially about the land record that have been as Issues between Arabian especially Palestine people and Israel that want established the country. These land records are important to the important both of Palestine and Israel. Author also have mentioned about the important document about Ottoman Empire and the document also including the land record for Palestine territory. This document can describe as archival material that have a value for country and both of Palestine and Israel want to use it for claim their territory. Beside that the document about Britain administrative also important as a archival material that will be a reference for new government rules the Palestine and also rules the Israel country.

By this way, author has describe Britain has make a several decision, the decision for safeguard these kind of archival materials is makes the inventory of land records, photography program that include photographing the document which is file that are important. One of the important thing that authors has describe according to effort of Britain is photographing program like photographing the document that important. For photographing the document, they start of every roll of film and the end of every land register book, the film will be numbered and all the photographed material will be indexed. When the filming was completed, the film will transfer to England and will keep by Crown Agent. By this way the land records will keep safe and also can avoid for misused of the record from irresponsible body or person.

As conclusion, Author has conclude that, the archival material like land record for Palestine is important both of Palestine government and also Israel for their land boundaries, by the effort that have been makes by Britain before leave land of Palestine in 1948, to makes sure this land record and also their administrative record are preserved for avoiding the misused of power or records.

Archives/Volume 22,No 95/October 1996/pg 107-120

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