Saturday, September 12, 2009

Article Review : Looking at archives in art.

By Khairul Izzuan bin Ahmad

The author for this article is Barbara L.Craig and James M.Otoole. In this article has view about the archival material in art form that must be preserved permanent for long term period.

In the introduction of this article, authors have been describing the important of preservation of archival materials. The archival materials not only just a document like file, government document, official document and so on but picture or images also can be a archives or archival materials. According to what has describe by authors, the picture or images also have a value and from the picture or images show the impression of artist who create it, it will have a meaning of history. Beside that, images or picture have a value of history like from the picture that has been created for previous time, the historian will know what kind of material used to makes the picture and that will show the technologies for that time.

In this article also authors has describe and examine the selection of Britain and America portrait and genre painting were created and importance of the record depicted. Author also describe that archivist can use this iconography perception of record by artist, sitter, and viewer. In this article also have the example of picture that has been preserved by archive, for an example, the picture of Collyer, tromple Ioel with writing material, in Courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum of London. This picture notice keeper use to hold the object of desk, paper waiting to be read or responded to, and various equipment for writing, including quill, quill cutter, sealing wax and parchment stretcher. This picture have their own meaning that makes their be preserved.

As conclusion, author are realize about picture also can be the archival materials, and from the value of historical of picture, therefore must be preserved for national heritage for next generation.


The American Archivist/Vol 63/No 1/ Spring/Summer 2000/ pg 97 -110

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