Saturday, September 12, 2009

Article Review : Using Archival materials effectively in museum exhibition

By Khairul Izzuan Bin Ahmad

There are three authors that have been created for this article, the authors is Nancy Allyn, Shawn Autbiz and Gaiil F.Stern. This article has discuss about the effective way to using archival materials for the exhibition in Museum.

In this article have said most American conserving institutions, including many museums, continue to realize the potentional of incorporating archival materials in exhibition. By that, there are realize the important of archival materials for keep and preserve for make people know the history and also give a knowledge for people about previous important event through archival material that has exhibit In this article also author describe the definition about what are archival material, archival material can be define as such as materials including organizational records, personal papers such as letter, newspaper, treaties, governmental records, picture material such as architectural drawing, cartoon, poster, advertisements, maps, photographs and calendar, put simply are sheet of paper with some type of illustration, symbol, or writing on them. All of this material conveys information about historical event, person or institution.

After authors give the definition about definition of archival materials, authors has describe that the fundamental mission of any exhibition is to make institution holding accessible and available to the public. By this accessible for public purpose, there are fulfilling the obligation to help all individuals better understand their cultural heritage. Authors also describe through exhibition which can provide a visual counterpart to, and relief from textbooks, scholarly publication and other writing. In other subject in way of make the effective of exhibition in museum, author was describe how to make the exhibition more interestingly and can attract people to see and understand the archival materials that exhibit to public. The one ways is make the exhibition themes that historical themes can range from choosing a historical event of celebrating a significant anniversary. Beside that, authors also has describe that another techniques for make a people attraction, the techniques is exhibiting photograph to juxtapose black and white colour photos of same object. Another way for make exhibition more interestingly is choose materials that are exhibit able from a conservation standpoint and have strong documentary value as well visual impacts. The last way or techniques for makes exhibition of archival material look interestingly is staff must carefully selected manuscript exhibited in conjunction with strong visual images can often make a greater impact than group documents with accompanying text, because of their visual impact and familiarity to most people, some archival materials provides strong subject for exhibition by themselves.

As conclusion for this article, authors was concluded that exhibition are the one way for make people realize and aware about the historical, the exhibition can makes people more understand about the history and also can gain their knowledge, by using effective techniques for exhibition, can attract many people to join the exhibition and also can make young generation know the history. By exhibition also can be effective means of teaching visitor what museum curators, archivist and libraries do, how they do and so on.


American Archivist/Summer 1987/vol 50/No 3/ page 402-404

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