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Article review : Electronic record keeping. Problem & prospect: The Indian Archives by H.D Singh(2001)

By Khairul Izzuan Ahmad

1.0 Introduction

In this era, electronic device is very important to human to do well their job, that same in record management field that now also using the electronic device to make their task more effective and efficient. This Article title is Electronic Records Keeping: Problems and prospects, written by H..D Singh. In this article have several subtopic that related to electronic record keeping that firstly is business transaction in the electronic environment and divide them to several requirement like organisational requirement, accountability requirements, historical requirement, problems and solutions. Aim of this article is to realize about the electronic records keeping, their benefit and also the problems exist for those at the record management fields.

2.0 Summary of Article

Based from the title of this article, author objective and purpose is to gain people knowledge about the electronic record keeping and also want to them thinking about the prospects, functions and problem of record keeping in electronic methods. Author also well organized his article that makes the sub topic and the language his use is easily to understand. Firstly author mention about the traditionally forms like paper and non traditionally forms beside paper like microfilm, magnetic tapes including computer for keeps the records. Beside that also concerned that in this era people more like using the electronic device that more be easy and faster compares using the traditional methods(by using paper) suitable based from changed of time and evolution of science and technology. Next author mention about business transaction in electronic environment, equal from increasing of electronic device and innovative information technology are providing opportunities for all organization either government or private. Electronic device help organisation improved their quality and also makes their task done well. From that author divide them to three requirements that organisational requirement, accountability requirement and historical requirement. Organisational requirement is for make sure all activity that have done have a evidence and also proof the action has been taken and so on. The accountability requirement is for make sure the organisation and staff more responsible, and the purpose of the record is for make sure there are have a evidence for proof the action have been taken for the specific cases. The function of record in historical requirement is for support the study of history, the kind of people, environment and so on, by the electronic record, its makes people easy to refer the history and so on, also make the evidence for the past activity. For the problem of electronic record is software and hardware, data missing, staff no have knowledge handling electronic record, cost of money and time, the authenticity of record are vagueness and electronic record are not accepted as a primary source at court of law. Author also have provide the recommendation for the problem of electronic record based from Seminar on “Transaction to Electronic Records as a strategic resource” and “Accountability in Electronic Age” at Kuala Lumpur from 22 to 26 June 1998.


As a conclusion, this article make people especially those in the records management field can gain their knowledge, realise them the about the electronic device as one method for record keeping and also help them to solve the problem that have related with the record especially for electronic record. From that individual that have a experience and expert in this fields must active to produce more the article like this and hopes from the article and their idea can be sharing with reader, from that makes people appreciated the record and more understanding the important of the record in their entire life.

4.0 Reference

H.D.Singh.(2001).Electronic record keeping. Problem & prospect: The Indian Archives, XLIX (1-2) .45

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